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Transmission slipping....or something else

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OK, I have a friend with a 2002 F-350 automatic 89,000 miles. When taking off from a stop sign or red light you give it gas and it jerks every time. RMP's go up and then it just jerks when it takes off. Stealership said that these trucks just do that. They said that they greased something and friend said it worked fine for a while. Anyone have this problem before? It shifts through every other gear just fine. Thanks
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02's are known for having bad outside tranny shifter solenoids ( I know I always mess up the REAL name for this critter). Anway it's on the outside of the tranny, driver's side. Cost is about $150 and takes about 15-20 minutes to change out. Main thing is to put tranny in neutral (key out of ignition), emergency brake on, then take old one off. Put new one on, align shifter, plug in, and then give her a go. The other thing that can also have an affect on the shifting is the Go-pedal(about $100 and 5 minutes). Replace those 2 items and if you still are having trouble, it's tranny time.
It's called Transmission Range Sensor (TRS.)

How would you take the key out of the ignition with the trans in nuetral? You can only do that with a manual trans, and those don't have a TRS!

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You are right, but you can turn the key to the off position, but it won't come out.
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