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trany time again

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Well out plowing and startted having problems....whean in reverse it felt like my brakes were sticking....than i notested in neteral the truck was chuggoin foward... so i took it easy for the rest of the storm and than pulled the unit....this is the 4 th unit ai have put in my truck 2 under waurentee The shop that did the last 3 I deceided not to give him #4 also whean i did #3 i told him to do any upgrades or mods we thought i needed he said he put all steal bearings, a shift kit and Billet converter ......well to my suprise whean the new shop took it apart he found alumiumn howsings on the gears not steel and a forged iron converter ......he rebiult the unit with 6 gear steel gears...a new billet steel drum...kevlar steels..shift kit and triple disc billet converter..I saw all the new parts before thay installed them ..well all i have to do is install it...I also found an oil leak on the back of my motor its the oil gally plug on the drivers side and my ebp valve on my turbo pedistel is leaking at the i think i will pull the turbo and take care of the leaks while im there...I also notest the fuel line at the back of the head on the drivers side is crimped......more work.....
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