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03 F250 6.0 No start.

Ok guys I've been digging around on the forum and I haven't seen a posting similar to this problem. I recently replaced the high pressure oil pump and all the injector o-rings and gaskets. After I buttoned everything back up and went through all the cranking it started up and ran great.

After running great for a couple days it simply died and now will not crank. All the dash lights come on and there is plenty of battery power. I checked the relays/fuses and they are all good but the starter relay is not clicking when I turn the key to start. I moved the shifter from park to neutral and back while trying to crank.

The starter is good. I can jump the starter and it cranks. I have also tried to scan for codes but it seems that the ECM is either not getting power or just won't communicating with my scan tool..

I have run through most of the tips in the "no start" sticky and I'm coming up short.

Chaffing is my next step which I'm going to check on tomorrow. Hopefully someone has seen this issue before...???
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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