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I have an 03 6.0 died and won't start.Pulled codes and changed the CMP and CKP at first and it would startbut rough until it died again. I have ended up changing fuel filters, injector seals, had FCIM checked/ repaired (48V) and finally a ford tech said it was the PCM then. I sent it off to have repairs then two months later finally got it and put it in, I also checked for wire chaffing and continutiy from point A to B. I have fuel pressure within, new batteries brought a scantool with enhanced ford software, ICP desired pressure at ft/hg max is 302,60, RPM cont. 150, CMP & CKP in sync at different times and not, pedal volts in specs, glow plugs on time. ICP actual .166 and duty cycle 84.77 still with no start. I'm unsure how to change the ICP PID from FT reading to PSI. Can someone help in telling me what all is wrong here? Thanks
1 - 1 of 87 Posts
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