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No crank? No scanner? No problem.

1. Start at battery, check for good voltage. Disconnect both batteries from each other. It should be higher than 12v in both batteries.

Assuming batteries are good

2. Test starter by adding power and a ground.

Assuming starter engages a crank

3. Find solenoid by following the starter wires upward. Once foud grab a screwdriver or any metal with a handle or with rubber gloves. Commect power in prong to power out prong of solenoid. Listen for the starter to kick in.

Assuming starter engages

4. This step is for automatics only; locate nuetral switch, it will be under your dash or mounted directly on the side of your transmission on the drivers side.
For switch in dash: unplug, clean it, test with volt meter and or buy new.
For switch on transmission: adjust nuetral position plug with a screw driver to correct lovation. Unplug switch and clean with electric parts cleaner. Plug back in. And or, buy a new switch.

Assuming switch is working properly

5. Key on engine off, listen for starter relay to switch. And or test, or buy new relay.

Assuming relay is fine

6. Check fuse box for problematic wires and wiring harnes for bad wires. And check all wiring ground points.

Assuming fuse box and wiring is good

7. You've done all you could, for a no crank no start!!!

Assuming you did all you could

8. Turn the key on engine on and drive to the nearest liqour store, drive your liqour home, drink it and pass out until the next morning.

Assuming you passed out

9. Wake up the next morning and have an excellent day trying to figure out why your covered in grease laying in a bed surrounded by bottles.

Assuming you woke up

10. Take a trip, in your truck, to the cabins and enjoy a week of hunting thanking God for the miracle of a fixed truck.

Assuming you went hunting

11. You won't even remember it had a problem at all.

Assuming you thought this was helpful and funny.

12. Laugh dammit!!!
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