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Alright this morning I went out to leave for work, unplugged the block heater and went to start the truck. Well The WTS light came on, but flashed along with the OD and SES lights. So I turned the key off and repeated, all lights flashed repeatedly again. Truck started fine though. So being late for work I decided to go ahead and take off, no problems. Then about 5 miles into my drive as I was getting off the highway I hit the brakes and the truck just died, I lost ps and brakes so I semi panicked because I didn't want to cream the car in front of me - so I do not recall if any lights popped on - but I don't think so. At any rate I put it in park and started it up again, same reaction with the flashing lights. Finished my drive just fine. I will hit AZ and have them see if there is a code to pull after work, but looking for answers or suggestions if anyone has experienced something similar.

2000 7.3L no chip. CPS was replaced last spring. Vacuum pump just went out too.
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