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Truck died today...

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Left house about a mile down the road and truck died....i mean DEAD....coasted to the stoplight, tried to crank noticed no power to the instrument panel, no service lights or wts on panel, nothing... truck turns over but will not do anything....

I mean no sputter miss or cough, just died...

things I have looked at.
1. pulled EVERY fuse on knee panel, all good
2. Pulled the steering column cover and the shifter wire seems in good shape, no fraying,
3. batteries good, grounds clean and tight

Will a CPS cause this? the no power to instrument panel is whats got me stumped, I did not look at fuel bowl heater cuz fuse was not blow guess I could check that.....

Ignition switch module possibly? I hooked up my scanner and it would not read because when i turned key on to let it read nothing happened it just sat there with instructions to turn key on to read diagnostics

gotta feeling this is not going to turn out to be a simple fix at the house....:icon_mad:

2002 ford f350 stock 4x4 crewcab swr
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Double check fuses with a multimeter. Swap the PCM relay with its neighbor. The CPS will not cause complete power failure - something got the feed to the PCM - whether that is a shorted wire, fuse, or relay is what you're going to have to be digging for. Hopefully it wasn't the PCM itself - more likely one of the causes listed above. The fuel heater shorting would take out one of the feeds to the PCM - your WTS light would be out but it shouldn't have affected everything on the instrument panel. Don't forget the fuses under the hood.
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