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Truck dies after 30 minutes of running

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Truck dies after running for 30 minutes(or less) and starts back after sitting for about an hour.

1. I have put 2 cps, on it and am at a loss.

2. The oil level is fine and has 1100 miles on it.

3. The fuel bowl heater fuse is good.

4. Batteries are good turns over like crazy(and starts right up after an hour)

5. Fuel is flowing (no way to check pressure) like I say starts like new after sitting.

This is a 22k mile motor(out of an 02) that I put into the truck last month. I have heard the ICP could cause this and was checking here first before I start disassembling the truck. Any other ideas just shoot.
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My WAG would be IPR O ring torn ...
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