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Truck dies after CPS and UVCH swap?

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I started getting a 0676 code a few months ago which from what I've read is a glow plug code. Soon after that the truck died a few times and started right back up, so without scanning it I just replaced the CPS judging from similar accounts on this site. Shortly after that the truck started running rough like it's missing, after having it scanned I replaced both UVC harnesses, both gaskets, and all of the glowplugs. The truck then ran fine but the 0676 code continued. That was all about a month ago. Then last week the truck died 3 times in 2 days. The truck started back up just fine after it died like nothing happened. Everytime the truck died it was waiting in traffic not moving. What else can I check to track this down, and why would I still be throwing a 0676 code after replacing all that I did and clearing the PCM? Thanks for any help guys.
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Where did you get the new CPS?........
Do you remember if it was a Ford part or an aftermarket supplier..

We have heard of some being bad from the get go...
It may be worth trying a ford part, the are 15-30 dollars or so now.....

Heres a little reading to confuse you some more,....

I had some issues with my 96 w/5speed a while back but due to the cold weather waited to fix it till now. Had code 0344

I had the cps go. replaced that, truck runs. Drive 32 miles and dies.

After doing some more diag, replaced the ipr. Had code 1283. Bad solenoid. Pulled the fuel filter cannister to do it so I changed out the rotted hoses with the blue Ford ones.

Started and drove fine for a couple of days then started getting a check engine light at startup for 60 to 90 seconds. After it went out had full power and drove good. Started cutting out while drivin at any speed. Just a second or so and back to full power. I thought I was going to rip the yoke off the rear end. Hooked up the Genesys while driving to watch the data stream. when it cut out the icp would drop to 2psi. The light comes on and the computer goes into limp mode. Turns out the icp was leaking oil through the body of the icp into the electrical connecter. I guess it was causing an intermittant open like it was unplugged which is why the computer was still letting the truck run in limp mode. Had code 1280.

I only put another 30 miles on it since but no light at start up and no more cutting out.

Oh yeah, great service from

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Here,,, Scroll down a bit....
all I can say is it's about time....

Hope it helps you ....
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