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Truck Night at Yankee Lake Special event This May 25th
Gates open at 6pm and the Muddin Truckin Fun starts at 7pm
All the usual truck night experience plus special event!

Extreme Riding Entertainment
Join us for the RedBull Sponsored X-Show which features
9-Time National Champion RedBull Athlete Geoff Aaron attacking
a series of impossible obstacles that will impress any audience.

10' vertical wall, jumping across big gaps, doing
180 degree helicopters, bunny hops, insane trick riding,
full speed stoppies, and an endless array of balance skills.

For more info go to

This season we've got 3 Monster Mud Pits that are gonna Blow your MIND!
NEW this week, Monster Rock Crawl Mountain!!!

*flex your ego on the Raging Rock Crawl
*pull for your pride in the Tug-o-War
*sink your tires into the Gatorpit Mud Track
*cream some clunkers on the Horodyski Car Crush
*and jack some lumber on the Log Climb

Take a ride on the Big Boys Toys Featuring the BLUE THUNDER MONSTER RIDE TRUCK!!!
So if you've got a Bad Truck or a Bad Jeep. BRING IT.

More special events, prize money, & giveaways and most of all, MORE MUD!

For up to date details go to
Join the form and yak about the fun, You want a Truck Night there's only one.

Y103 / Miller Lite Truck Night at Yankee Lake
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