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Hey all,
I will try to describe this the best I can. I have a 2000 7.3L crew cab short bed 4x4 auto with 145,000 on it. The truck was chiped, but I removed the chip as soon as i noticed this problem. Please note that removing the chip really didn't cure the problem at all. I start the truck and she fires up fine, idles fine, and accelerates fine, but recently (past 4 days) the truck will randomly die when I either slow down at a stop sign or red light, or when I go to make a turn. It is not a re accuring thing at every stop or turn, but it has happend enough to notice there is a problem. I notice that when the truck dies that the bettery light stay lit, but this happend at night and the lights stayed on even though the truck was off. The way the truck dies it feels the same a it does when you turn the key to shut the truck off. In other words, the truck does not spudder to a stop, it litterally shuts off completely. Now for the re-start. I put the truck in park and turn the key all the lights sounds and everything work, the WTS light shuts off and I fire the truck up no problems what so ever. I am truly stumped as to what this could be. I noticed when I had some audio equiptment installed that there we some wire leading from the fuse panel that had been jammed into a fuse slot underneath the fuse, but I pulled the wire and fixed the fuse jack, so I am almost certain this has nothing to do with a fuse because all my lights and everything work fine when I go to restart it. Again the only thing i noticed was the battery light lights up when the truck dies. i though it might have been my chip so i took it out, but the problem still occurs. I replaced the batteries like 1 month ago. Bad Fuel? CPS? Fuel Filter? I am stumped on this one, any ideas?

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CPS, Camshaft positioning sensor. Quite common problem in these engines. Next time you start it watch the tach to see if it moves while you are cranking the truck or not. The problem will worsen over time. As the engine slows the bad sensor doesn't sense the camshaft turning and thus will shut down the truck. Search ebay but your probably going to pay around $100 mark.

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Sounds like your CPS (Cam Position Sensor) to me.
I had similar symptoms and changed mine at 45,000 mi.
LOTS of posts on CPS, lots of them.

Problems are intermittent and variable
Here are some:
Malfunctioning CPS will often quit or stumble on accelerating but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often quit and come to dead stop but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often set a code but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often set SES light but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often act up when cold (or cool) but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often start right back up after quitting but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often last for weeks after first quitting but not always
Malfunctioning CPS will often have occasional stuttering/hesitation/miss at highway speed but not always

<font color="red"> Might as well get one NOW 'cause your truck will surely die. </font>

Only takes 10 minutes to change. Better in your driveway than on the highway.
You can get one from International: # 1825899C93---- $98.00
You can get one from Ford: # F7T12K073A------------ $180.00
You can get one from NAPA # CSS-512------------------ $124.00
You can get one from one of our sponsors <font color="red"> POWERSTROKE SHOP </font>------------$93.00

One of our contributors FORD FORGOTTEN
Has a good website info spot with photo <font color="green"> CPS FIX </font>

Good luck,

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Add one more to your list.... if the engine stalls for any OTHER reason, the PCM still expects to see CMP input.... When there is no CMP signal due to the stall, a P0340 can still be set. This code does NOT mean the CMP is bad - this code means that the PCM isn't seeing a CMP signal...

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I am haveing a simular problem My 1999 7.3 ext cab long bed will shut down at no matter what speedhwy or coasting into the parking lot at work once it dies it will start back up and usually die again up to about 3 times then run fine for the rest of the day. I had the fuel filter seal leak so I replaced it along with filter and was wondering I may have done something wrong or let air get into the return line. any help would be appriciated.

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