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I have a 1997 F250 CCSB 7.3 ZF5 and I replaced the IPR, Injectors, CPS and fuel pump all within the last 15k. I replaced the fuel filter and changed the oil 2k ago.

I was driving down the road and I stopped at a toll booth and my truck instantly started missing. I drove home on 6 cylinders. Found some oil in the valve cover gasket plug so I replaced the gasket, uvch and spliced in a new pigtail. Didn't fix the problem, I pulled the IDM to test the harness and I found the IDM full of water. Swapped in a stock IDM with 65k on it and the truck fired right up and ran beautiful. It idles better than it ever has. The problem is the truck idles perfectly for 10 minutes and then it'll sputter once and catch itself and idle fine for a minute and then it'll sputter out and die. The truck drives fine but if I let it idle for about 10 minutes it'll die. Then if I let it sit for 2 hours it'll start right up and run fine for 10 minutes and then die again. I pulled my chip out and it didn't change anything. My mechanic said the HPOP may have an internal leak. Could this cause this?

It's just weird for two separate parts to go bad at the same time. I swapped in the IDM and the truck runs fine for 10 minutes and then dies. Could the IDM overheat?

I am open to any ideas.
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