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Truck turning off randomly

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I have a '99 ford F250 7.3L. The truck just started randomly turning off while I am driving. It happened 3 times in a 1/2 mile drive. I've always had problems starting it in park, but can usually start it in neutral. I checked all the fuses and the battery terminals are clean. When this happens I can't start the truck until I turn the key all the way off then turn it back on.

I got advice from a friend that it's probably the starter switch, I just replaced the starter switch and now I cant start the truck at all. Also, I somehow got the shifter indicator moved over 1 position, so when it's in park, it's showing that it's in R. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the problem starting it. I don't know how to get the gear position indicator back in the right position.

Another thing I noticed is that the WTS light doesn't turn on at all. Also, the check engine light turns in when i turn the key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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First thought was CPS.
2nd IPR.
But being a 99 I'd probably start with the fuse box under the dash. Look at the firewall above the fuse box for any signs of water leaking. Has it been raining lately? The windshield gasket is known to leak and it will leak right down onto your fuse box and short it out.
As for the shift lever, there is an adjustment where the cable connects to the transmission (brittle plastic clip so be careful ). Ever since my new transmission was installed I have to hold up and forward on my shift lever to get it to start. I started to try to adjust it once and decided the annoyance of holding the lever was less than the risk of breaking the clip.
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