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Truck turning off randomly

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I have a '99 ford F250 7.3L. The truck just started randomly turning off while I am driving. It happened 3 times in a 1/2 mile drive. I've always had problems starting it in park, but can usually start it in neutral. I checked all the fuses and the battery terminals are clean. When this happens I can't start the truck until I turn the key all the way off then turn it back on.

I got advice from a friend that it's probably the starter switch, I just replaced the starter switch and now I cant start the truck at all. Also, I somehow got the shifter indicator moved over 1 position, so when it's in park, it's showing that it's in R. I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the problem starting it. I don't know how to get the gear position indicator back in the right position.

Another thing I noticed is that the WTS light doesn't turn on at all. Also, the check engine light turns in when i turn the key.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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Thanks, I'll have to check the fuses again. Any idea how to get my shift indicator back into the right position?

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