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Truck wont start black smoke any ideas?

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This morning truck started dumb started, romped bad, lotsa black smoke for about 30-60 seconds cleared up and than ran fine for 30 minutes let sit for 4 hours did same thing over again. Turned off and restarts and runs fine, got home with truck after 100 miles of driving turned off for about 90 minutes and tried to start was romping turned it off after about 2 seconds and cleaned egr put back together and now wont start at all kinds starts and puffs black smoke but will not stay running my egr is closed and thereby don't think it is causing the problem and other ideas? TIA
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Heres an update wont even start now towed to dealer, nobody willing to chime their 2 cents?
Ill see if I can explain better, yesterday both times I started after a 4-8 hour engine off period it would start run real bad(smoke, romp, lotsa black smoke for 30-60 seconds)than run perfect. Turn off for another 90 minutes after driving 100 miles tried to start again and was romping. So I turned off cleaned a closed egr and put back together tried to start after that and puffed black smoke would try to start and puff smoke until all it did was just turn over. I towed to dealer last night and am waiting for a call. I hope it would be a simple as egr but mine was closed and don't see a closed egr being the problem also tried starting with the egr disconnected. Thanks
Well it seems I have a 1000 lbs of oil injector psi but 0nly 30 volts at the injector during crank need 48 I guess. Does have 48 when not cranking or manual cycle? Recently had head gaskets replaced think maybe chaffed wire? Has had a ficm replaced while back and also I think the wiring harness update. Dealer ran out of time to know for sure but this is what he knows so far. Thanks
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