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Hey guys, went to start up my 96 F250 with the 7.3L this morning and she wouldn't start....Totally new to diesels and working on them so I have no clue really. Buddy of mine and I changed the glow plugs about a month ago and everything seemed fine. It would still be rough to start at times if it was cold out and wasn't plugged in but other than that seemed okay. I am really hoping somebody on this site can help me so I can try to avoid a shop. PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!

Thank you everyone in advance.
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I dont know about 7.3's but my 6.0 just had the same issue and it was a high pressure oil leak in the drivers side valve cover.
That is exactly what my 6.0 did. I have no clue if yours 7.3 is the same though. it would start fine a couple times then it wouldnt start again.
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