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Hey, gang! Been a while...

Vehicle in question: 2009 250SD, RWD, V-10 auto, 185K

This is my former work truck, now relegated to grocery getter... but the front end is sacked out and I want to replace the springs. Problem is, the spring code doesn't pull up the part anywhere I've looked, and one of the Ford part sites even said that it's not compatible! VIN code is JJ (JJPP) and the actual part # is 7C34-5310-JC ...and I can't find it referenced anywhere.

The stock suspension on this thing has always been it's weak point, I even put Bilsteins on it to try to settle it down.. but no. I'm OK with going up a rate... but the spring codes I've found don't list the rates, it would be a guess. I could use some help picking a better spring for this thing, and if you have a favorite place to get them from, I'm all ears.

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