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ts 6 position chip.

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Anyone running this? Curious about the feedback on it. Wondering if it would go nicely with stage 2 swamp injectors and adrinaline hpop.

Does it give this the stock transmission bad shifts like the edge evo? Probably main concern.

Looking for a tune. Using the edge evo cts as a monitor.
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Swamps sells a ts chip with their tunes on it for their injectors
Ts chips with standard tunes aren't anything special. The tunes on the ts and edge were written in 2002-2004 lol.

And just running ts tunes doesn't drop your mpg. Unless you drive with your foot to the floor everywhere blowing smoke.

Contact [email protected], a custom tuned ts chip is 250 for a stock truck.

But it will cost you a little more since you don't have stock injectors.

And if you want you can just get a pcm flash from dp tuner with like a 60 hp tow or daily tune. That might be your best bet.
profisher 13-14 is pretty normal mpg for split shot injectors and winter fuel.

If you want more than one custom tune contact php, gearhead, swamps, dp tuner.

I've been running a ts chip with php tunes for 4 years with no mpg drop. I average 15-16.

And my truck came with an edge evolution, when I ran it I didn't notice a drop in mpgs either. But I don't have an aggressive driving style.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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