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ts 6 position chip.

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Anyone running this? Curious about the feedback on it. Wondering if it would go nicely with stage 2 swamp injectors and adrinaline hpop.

Does it give this the stock transmission bad shifts like the edge evo? Probably main concern.

Looking for a tune. Using the edge evo cts as a monitor.
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I thought about a php tune, they said I'd need to by the ts 6 position chip to run their tunes. I guess?
I'm not looking for a bunch of tune just one to run good on highway and city really. Not looking for a ton of smoke or a stupid high horse tune lol
My problem with aftermarket injectors plus it hasn't been over 20 outside in a month iv been get 13-14 mpg. I'm guessing it because I'm running on stock mix with how cold it is. Plus the fact I always pre heat my truck never put it in drive until it's at at least 115. I feel with a custom tune I'll see alot better results from these injectors. I ran it with the race tune on edge for a week or two, I saw no less than 18mpg.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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