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ts 6 position chip.

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Anyone running this? Curious about the feedback on it. Wondering if it would go nicely with stage 2 swamp injectors and adrinaline hpop.

Does it give this the stock transmission bad shifts like the edge evo? Probably main concern.

Looking for a tune. Using the edge evo cts as a monitor.
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i ran the edge evo for 4 yrs and broke down and got the ts 6pos chip and use the edge for monitor purpose now. i can say i am not overly impressed, if i had it to do again i would not get it. also my mpg dropped 4 to 5 miles per gallon in any setting but stock.
what are you a novice blue 99 drive my truck same as with edge, dropped mpg thats the way it is ts chip for sale 2 bucks.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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