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TS Performance 5X Loader

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what do you think of this programmer??
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Great product, not as fast as SCT or Quad at the race settings, but the TS 5X has smoother and more linear power. I am running the 150hp TS 5X tune now. The 150hp tune seems to have enough power to keep up with the little sports cars during my daily commute, without a lot of smoke. I was getting a some clouds of black smoke when taking off quickly between stop lights with the 100 and 135hp TS 5X tunes.

Also I have been playing around with stacking the TS 5X tuner with my Quad Xzillaraider. Stacking the 75hp TS 5X tune with the Quad 65hp setting works great with my 6 speed manual tranny setup: the low end power of the Quad along with the smooth, linear rev up of the TS 5X.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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