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Any one that was look for tsd tunes here some good info this from kc turbo.

Truck Source Diesel AKA SPD or Super Panty Dropper for the 6.0 powerstroke
Well TSD quit doing tuning a little while ago. Main reason is the amount of time that it was taking for him to write all the tunes and revisions.
He is well known for his LIVE tuning abilities and really being able to squeeze the most out of trucks while still helping them to drive awesome. The power delivery of his tunes is very impressive. The problem is that it is hard to "live tune" through email because of the different FICM options, turbo options, injector options, etc...

Well I have always loved his tunes and they tend to work so well with my customers. We have decided on a trial basis to work together to start providing TSD tunes again to those who want it.
Please send us an email with any inquiries
[email protected]
$125 for the first tune
$25 for additional tunes on same order
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