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Tuner questions

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I have a 2010 F250 6.4 KR with 140k miles. At 110k ford said it had a bent rod in #7 so a long block was installed. I now have 30k on it and warranty is out. I change oil and filter every 3-4K and fuel filters every 10k. Only mods I have done have been is an k&n filter and magna flow cat back. I want to delete the PDF and know I need a tuner. I have been leaning towards the mini maxx cause I like the on the fly. I tow 3-4 times a month and more durning summer so I like to be able to switch on the fly. Since H&S is no longer supporting their tuners is it still a good idea to go that route. I have seen a few used ones for sale, vin unlocked is there key questions to ask before money exchanges hands or buy new old stock. I will eventually do a EGR delete and coolant filter kit. Is the CCV a good idea or not? I'm not looking for a truck to drag race I'm looking for longevity of my truck. Any help, info, and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Neal
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