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Tuner questions

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I have a 2010 F250 6.4 KR with 140k miles. At 110k ford said it had a bent rod in #7 so a long block was installed. I now have 30k on it and warranty is out. I change oil and filter every 3-4K and fuel filters every 10k. Only mods I have done have been is an k&n filter and magna flow cat back. I want to delete the PDF and know I need a tuner. I have been leaning towards the mini maxx cause I like the on the fly. I tow 3-4 times a month and more durning summer so I like to be able to switch on the fly. Since H&S is no longer supporting their tuners is it still a good idea to go that route. I have seen a few used ones for sale, vin unlocked is there key questions to ask before money exchanges hands or buy new old stock. I will eventually do a EGR delete and coolant filter kit. Is the CCV a good idea or not? I'm not looking for a truck to drag race I'm looking for longevity of my truck. Any help, info, and suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Neal
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I have had a MM on my 450s--'09 & '10. My luck with the 6.4L is not a record to brag about. Bought '09 new, deleted and installed MM at 98k. Very nice tuner, did just what I wanted--get rid of regens and ability to see what engine temps were doing. Ran mostly on street and tow, some on performance just to feel it go. At 207k, the #8 cylinder lost compression and stranded me. Ford wanted $22k to replace with long block. Sold truck as is and got a '10 with 64k miles on it, good history, older man who towed only his fiver. Deleted immediately, ran well to 107k, when the #7 cylinder did the same thing. Was in British Columbia, no way to sell truck and buy new--got new long block installed (again, $22k) and now with 19k miles, all is good again. First engine not tore down due to cost; 2nd engine I saw the rocker arm area and it basically looked like new.
I believe #7 & #8 are the regen cylinders, I know #8 is. I have not done the EGR delete on either engine on advice of local diesel shop that installed the tuner on both trucks. So, you are out the cost of the long block once--I don't know if you will have same bad luck I have had. Depending on what you want for support, find a shop selling them that understands how to program them; as for me, never a hiccup from the tuner but I only use the basic tune. I drive a lot of miles solo, and tow a 18k fiver quite a lot--the truck handles it very well, just the longevity of the 6.4L in my trucks has not been good, and I change oil/filters at 5k miles, water separator at 10k.
Knowing what I know after the fact, I would have purchased a new '15 the first time around; would have purchased a new '16 second time, but being in Canada, it could not happen. My advice to you is to think ahead and consider possible problems/cost and start saving for a new '17...or a nice used '15/'16--the newer 6.7s are as strong as the tuned 6.4s, so I hear.
One of the neat outcomes on my Canadian engine cost--Ford of Canada put the new long block in for $22,460 out the door. I put it on a credit card--when I got the statement, the exchange rate had dropped the cost to $16900. Still big bucks, but $5k+ savings just due to exchange rate for US dollar being so strong.
Good luck.
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