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Hey y'all,

I've been having a weird issue with my 2003 7.3 Powerstroke. For starters, I just replaced all the turbo intercooler boots and replaced an unknown split intercooler charge pipe (drivers side). Now, a day later, it sounds like the wastegate is stuck open below 2ish thousand rpms. When I initially accelerate, I hear a whooshing sound coming from under the engine. When i accelerate hard and the rpms go beyond 2200, it's like something "clicks open" and i have plenty of boost and normal sound. When I look at my boost gauge, it shows 3-4 psi when accelerating under 2k rpms and when I get on it (2300-2500 rpms) I can see an extremely sudden boost level change. It's like a valve opened almost instantly. I hooked my scanner up and the "Turbocharger Wastegate Control" percentage stayed at 99.10% the whole time regardless of RPM and throttle input

When I got home, I tightened all the clamps, so I do not think there is a boost leak. Could it be the wastegate pressure sensor/solenoid (the one on the front of the spider)?

Not sure where to put truck info so its below:
2003 ford f350 srw 7.3 powerstroke
straight pipe exhaust
s&b cold air intake
php hydra chip

I'd be grateful for any help!
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