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Just a heads up to a warranty issue I had repaired this week. I had an oil leak on the truck that appeared to be coming from one of the oil pans or the rear main seal. The oil would collect on the oil pan and on the oil filter. You could visibly see it coming down both sides of the transmission bell housing. Even with dye in the oil it was very hard for them to tell exactly where it was coming from due to the incredible tightness of the engine bay. They ended up pulling the transmission out to get better access and to inspect the rear main seal. After getting better access they found a bad casting in the turbo that prohibited a proper seal. My truck build date is mid September 2010.

Thats it, hope it helps someone else...

BTW - My dealer provided awesome customer service. I even sat down and had a long discussion on the motor with their lead Diesel mechanic who went to school on the 6.7L. Kudos to Dick's Mackenzie Ford in Hillsboro Oregon.
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