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Turbo gains?

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How much of a gain without injectors would I see if I put the new turbonetics unit in. Would it change the sound? Faster spool up? Sorry I am new to this and want to spend my money right the first time.
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Dont go overboard on the turbo !! It will suck if its too big and spools slow. Figure out how far your gonna take it and size accordingly. Also might want to figure out how quick your gonna take it there. Dont want to put in a huge turbo , planning on bigger injectors, and have to drive a turd for two more years waiting on $$ to upgrade the rest. I'd call Beans, or Swamps, and see what they recommend. Any of the site sponsors could tell you how to get where you want to be. My honest opinion, (based on many over 150,000 miles pulling the trailer) best bang for the buck is good chip, stage one or two injector, stock turbo, or 1.00 non ebpv, non wastegated stock replacement turbo, and exhaust. The chip and injectors will make good power, (maybe around 320-370 hp to the wheels depending) the exhaust and turbo will clean up most of the smoke, and the exhaust will keep the EGT in check. I've towed many miles on this setup, and only regret is that I didnt do the exhaust sooner. Sounds much better, didnt see any hp gains, but the EGT came WAY DOWN!
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