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Turbo gains?

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How much of a gain without injectors would I see if I put the new turbonetics unit in. Would it change the sound? Faster spool up? Sorry I am new to this and want to spend my money right the first time.
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What then can I do for more hp without injectors? I thought that with a 120 hp tune and a ball turbo that I would see fast spool and more hp. will it clear the smoke I get now?
No I don't have smoke when the turbo gets up to speed. Will the ats housing give any power at all? Or just take away the serge. I am looking for fast spool up. Thanks.
Thanks I am new to this. Stage 2s and a bigger turbo will be ok with PMRs? I am looking for 375 to 400 at the rear wheels. Will those mods get me where I want to be?
Thanks for all the help. What mod should
I do first to head that direction?
Thanks for all the good info!
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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