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i have a 2005 f250 with the 6.0 and 122K miles. it has a 5" silverline with no cat.

truck starts and drives fine, nothing odd. but i noticed that if the truck sits for more than a few hours and cools down, when i get in to start it i won't hear the turbo for 15-30 seconds, sometimes longer when it sits overnight. at first i'll hear the rumble, but then after 15-30 seconds idling i hear the turbo spool up and the rumble goes away. if i drive the truck and it sits for 30 minutes, the turbo will come on almost immediately.

could it be due to exhaust? i had a 04 e350 6.0 that was stock and never noticed this.

turbo has had normal boost since i bought it 6 months ago, so i don't know what's going on.
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