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Turbo Removal

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Does anyone have a link to instructions on how to remove your turbo?
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Follow the directions EXACTLY and use the wrench recommended. If it says us sockets that are 1/4" ratchet swivel, use 1/4". General consensus is 4 hours out, little less back in. Mine was 10 hours, 3 sawzall blades, a new collector and 100% all new hardware from the up pipes to the turbo. And it's not back in yet. If you haven't done your DP, do it. Cutting that thing out gives oh so much more room to get an angle grinder in on the last of the rounded off bolts. Should be a simple job, I'm just ranting a bit about what a big ol kick in the pants mine was.
Aaron SEIA
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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