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Turbo Stumble under load

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I have an 05 F-350, this past weekend I was driving through the rocky Mountains and ran into what I think may be a turbo problem. I had my EGR cooler, and turbo replaced 30K ago, never had any issues in the past.

Here is what would happen:
- As I was pulling a hill My truck would "pop" a little like a gas truck that started to miss on a cylinder.
- The "popping" noise sounded like it was either coming from the waste gate, or throught the air filter.
- If I put my foot into the accelorator, making the tranny downshift, the turbo would spool up and no problem.

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Good evening,

I have the same issue wih my 2005 F-250. I had BD Diesel rebuild the turbo over the Christmas season. The turbo rebuild did not solve this issue.
I did speak with a Ford Technician yesterday and he said that it sound like the EGR valve is sticking. His suggestion was to unplug it and see what happens, CAUTION should be taken in not to overheat the EGR cooler.

Today I pulled the connector on the EGR and taken it for a run and it seems to be working fine. A new EGR will run around $300. I tried cleaning it but it did not work.

Please advise on what you find, if you decide to unplug the EGR and try towing your trailer.
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