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turbo surge?

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just got back from a 800 mile trip towinn my 7500 pound trailer, i have a superchips 1805 programer, i tried the economy mode goinn down, it worked great lotts more power over stock, but on the hills i was gettinn turbo surge around 2300 rpms. on the way back i tried the tow mode, no surge but less power, on the tow mode the most boost i saw was around 18, on economy mode i saw up to 25 very easy. my tranny temps never went over 160 with either settinn, what do i have to do to tow in the economy settinn? to get rid of the turbo surge.
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I installed the wicked wheel when my turbo started to surge following the evolution programming. It only does it on hills when pulling in overdrive. The WW decreased it but did not eliminate the surge. I get rid of it by downshifting into 3rd and it goes away. On hard pulls you almost have to downshift anyhow to eliminate high EGTs so your not losing anything and I can still pull all the hills at 65 MPH in 3rd.
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