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turbo surge?

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just got back from a 800 mile trip towinn my 7500 pound trailer, i have a superchips 1805 programer, i tried the economy mode goinn down, it worked great lotts more power over stock, but on the hills i was gettinn turbo surge around 2300 rpms. on the way back i tried the tow mode, no surge but less power, on the tow mode the most boost i saw was around 18, on economy mode i saw up to 25 very easy. my tranny temps never went over 160 with either settinn, what do i have to do to tow in the economy settinn? to get rid of the turbo surge.
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thats my next mod then. towinn up hills i have to back off the throttle,
what causes the turbo surge? never had it till i put a superchips tuner on last month, the truck performs great not towinn,
do most people with chips and tuners have this problem? i only seem to get it when towinn up hills,
i didnt notice it after the afe intake, just when i put the tuner on. around 2300rpms it starts surginn pretty good, lose power, have to back off the throttle, very frustrattinn. sure hate to go back to stock mode when towinn. think ill call around tomm. about the ats ported schroud or wicked wheel.
takkinn pappy19 advise, ats housing. anybody know what it might cost installed?
20 min.?
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