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turbo surge?

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just got back from a 800 mile trip towinn my 7500 pound trailer, i have a superchips 1805 programer, i tried the economy mode goinn down, it worked great lotts more power over stock, but on the hills i was gettinn turbo surge around 2300 rpms. on the way back i tried the tow mode, no surge but less power, on the tow mode the most boost i saw was around 18, on economy mode i saw up to 25 very easy. my tranny temps never went over 160 with either settinn, what do i have to do to tow in the economy settinn? to get rid of the turbo surge.
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i had surge one time and i want a wicked wheel but i dont know how to install it. is it hard to put in? or should i take it somewhere.
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