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ok so out of the blue a month ago my truck would make a higher pitch whistle when getting on it i thought it was maybe a exhaust leak so replaced the up pipes ic bots engine valley boots and re did the boost gauge connection and now its worse i think because the air has nowhere to bleed off. anyway it also surges if im just getting on it at a consistant throttle. took it to the dealership and the mechanic said he thinks its a bad waste gate what do you guys think any input would be much appretiated thanks
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yeah a turbo was next on my list going to go with the gt38r but have a wedding to pay for next month. yeah as for the whistle being louder than normal i just dont know like i said i have upgraded everything i think that would leak and cause a whistle from either blowing or sucking air im confused it comes at about 15 psi and up...might be a dunb ?? but is their anything to do with the egr or something that could cause this:SM127::shrug03:
ps how do i disable the wastegate???????
i guess the filter may be causing it but i never heard it befor until a month or so ago and the intake has been on my truck for a yaer and i had the same intake on my past to superdutys and never heard it. is it a botch to put that whicked wheel on? thanks for helping me try to figure this out:thumbsup:
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