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ok so out of the blue a month ago my truck would make a higher pitch whistle when getting on it i thought it was maybe a exhaust leak so replaced the up pipes ic bots engine valley boots and re did the boost gauge connection and now its worse i think because the air has nowhere to bleed off. anyway it also surges if im just getting on it at a consistant throttle. took it to the dealership and the mechanic said he thinks its a bad waste gate what do you guys think any input would be much appretiated thanks
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I don't know any way that a bad wastegate is going to make it whistle much louder but surge is typical on these trucks stock and with all the mods you have I don't see where anything has been done to the turbo to compensate such as a wicked wheel at least. As far as I know most people with your mods would disable the wastegate or take a step up to a different turbo.
You don't have a EGR. The Wicked wheel upgrade is cheap for now. At that boost the whistle from the 6637 filter will be pretty loud. Just pull the red tube off the wastegate actuator and plug the tube end with something that the boost won't blow out, or pull the other end off the inlet Y and cap. I don't think that you want to disable it without upgrading the turbo first of surge may be worse
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