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Two 6.9 engines - disassembled - ALL the parts for sale individually or as a whole

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The title pretty much says it all. I have two engines, an 84 and an 85, I think. I'll check numbers if needed.

One ran out of oil and threw a rod. :surprise: The other was a good engine, but was left to sit and three cylinders are pitted a bit. :frown2:

I will sell any part individually or combine as you want. Let me know if there is any interest here.

I already cleaned and tested eight of the injectors. Set to 1850 to 1900 lbs.

I can and will measure anything you want. I have micrometers and know how to use them.

Pictures available for any item(s), just ask.

Everything will be cheap to rea$onable. I just want to soften the blow of buying another engine.

I'm in 55008 so you can figure shipping or pickup.
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