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Typical Injector Problem... But Injectors are Fine

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First of awesome site and I'v used it numerous times to enducate myself about diesels. My name is Omar and i have a 2004 (2003 engine) 6.0 with 180k, stock tune and absolutly love this truck!!

Ok so heres the deal.. The truck had a slight miss at idle on cold starts. once it warmed up in 10 min she'll be just fine. One day i notice she lost all power and wasent thr same truck anymore also some times at WOT she'll smoke white.. well i keep on driving and knew its time to pull the injectors. so about a week ago i turn her on, let her idle for about 8-10 min's like every day, head out the drive way and as soon as i give her some throttle she's somkin' like a train (except its white lol). turn around, park her and take the cobra to work :(

When i get home from work i pull the injectors and send them to a buddy. he tested them at diffrent temps, spool valve speeds, ect ect ect and they all came back fine.. soooo im kinda lost.. no idea what it could be :(

i tested the FICM before hand and it tested out at 48v where is should be.. any advice will be helpful as this is my very first diesel truck i ever worked on
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Good FICM voltage does not necessarily mean that the FICM is good ......
how can you tell then??
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