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So as afew of you know I am contimplating a newer truck was thinking about an 03 7.3 crew cab dually, our son really wants my 91 IDI (god knows its like a new truck now) new motor glowplugs, glow plug controller, injectors, fuel pump, batteries altinator, starter, springs, shocks, steering box, ball joints, u joints, brakes,exhuast, and im due for tires, but ive had her for 5 years now and yes im stareting to know all about her due to you all, and know whats what if she doesnt sound so heathy, so if I keep her I would love to put a banks turbo with wastegate on her, even if I give it to our son my wife loves this truck and doesnt want to get rid of her, we do need a new ranch truck, (the old 74 gmc just aint cutting it anymore) so the dilemma is keep her turbo her, and buy a reg cab flat deck for the ranch truck, and find somthing else for the boy,(he currently has a 97 f150 reg cab 4x4 with a six and big tires) what a gas pig, but hates it (cause it wont tow much) and wants a er hum dodge diesel keep telling him we dont do dodges, but hes 16 so how hard is it to take out a gas motor and put an IDI in I looked at a 91 f350 the other day its a county truck good condition but its got a 460 in it, is the trans the same Ican get the flat deck for $1900.00 its a 5 speed. and does anyone have a sidewinder for sale? for the 91 3/4 ton?thnaks everyone:ford:
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Im in mission right now we have a ranch in northern california and my wife works down there (you know what they say "behind every rancher is a wife with a job in town" HA HA) I have been going through cancer traetment for the past 4 years so I spend a lot of time here but yeh ill look at the truck how hard would it to put duals on that truck? I really would like a crew cab, we have custody of our 8 and 9 year old grand daughters and the e cab is getting a little tight my wife has an 01 forrunner but it dont tow worth a well you know. Im originally from australia and you can get them with diesels there.:ford:
Nice truck I have the same rims on mine I love yor truck, and im just torn as to weather I buy the older shape or a super duty I really do like the new style I had a 02 dually before I got cancer but it had to go cause I wasnt working, and I can get a 03 7.3 crew dually with about 100,000 miles on it in cali for $12,000 I will consider it though as I love the front end and dash in the 92 to 97s :ford:
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