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Unknown plugs

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I was wiring up some back up lights on the rear of my 2013 F-350 Dually and saw these two plugs and was wondering what they are for. They are attached to the side of the trailer hitch. Ideas?


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Great I am having the B&W turn over ball and 5th wheel hitch installed and the wiring into the bed on the 28th. :smile2:
Help. I finally ordered the loom and installed it, having lengthened the wires so it would reach to the front of the bed. I am getting nothing at the plug, power, lights or ground. The other two are working, the one on the bumper and the one that was installed in the rear of the bed. Are there any relays or fuses that I need to install to get the two plugs working that are on the bumper/frame by the spare tire?
Never mind I had taken the socket apart to route the wires and did not get it fully seated when I put it back together. Working now.
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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