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Up Pipe's

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For those of us that seem too be down on power, high EGT's, and a more than noisy 7.3L, it might be you're up pipe's. At almost 250K I noticed soot on the driver side, so earlier this week I changed out my up pipe's, and WOW what a difference in how quiet the motor is in the cab, I can actually hear the stereo now. I also up graded too a KC turbo wheel which is a very nice wheel, and it is a not very loud.

Just look at these,


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Nice work hansel, those up-pipes had gone past they're use by date, what did you replace them with?
Did you fit some header wrap on the pipes before fitting?

That's a good looking turbo wheel as well, has that raised your boost level?
It was a Dorman kit, but the first kit was defective so I had too get a second kit. I had thought about the header wrap but I didn't wrap them because it's not a performance vehicle like my mustang. I haven't had a chance too see what boost I get since I don't have a gauge mounted, but I do have the Torque Pro app on my tablet, so I will see what that say's, but I can tell just from driving now for a couple of day's, she has a lot of pep now:grin2:
What was the defect? I have a Dorman kit ready to be installed. I need to know what to look for. Thanks
The flange's flared too much causing the bolt's not too line up, it you test fit the bolt's mine looked like a "V" instead of "I I" make sense??
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1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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