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Upfitter dash lights out.

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Has anyone ever had a problem with the dash lights not working on there upfitter switches. The ones that turn on with the dash lights and say aux1 2 3 4? Mine flickered and went out on me. I hit the dash and they came on then off again too.
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Guessing from the wiring diagram. The lumination and activation lights on the upfitters lights use the same ground wire so if you turn one of the switches on and the light on the end of the switch comes on I would guess that it is not the common ground wire. The power to both sets of lights come from different sorces from the SJB, if none of of the other dash lights are affected then you might need to use a meter to confirm if you are missing the power feed or the ground? Hitting the dash does lead me to believe that you have a loose connection, from a keyboard I’m just not sure if it is power or ground that is giving you the problem.
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