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Thought I would post my experience so far with a Suncoast torque converter. I still have my 97 F250 HD I bought used in 2009 with 130xxx miles on it. Last year with 172xxx miles and the week before Thanksgiving the transmission went out and I chose a local shop for the rebuild. When I bought the truck I was told the transmission had been rebuilt and an upgraded torque converter installed, though no records were provided.

Upon disassembly the sprag bearing had failed and they found a mix of stock and the red racing clutches in odd combinations installed, also discovered it had the Banks valve body installed. Luckily my truck has every part Banks made for the OBS trucks. Transmission was rebuilt to stock with a Recon upgraded S3 billet torque converter. In February after 1200 miles O/D light began to flash and the truck did not shift into O/D.

Returned the truck to the shop and the data showed the torque converter was the problem. A replacement torque converter was sent under warranty, but it was a different part # which collated with a less expensive torque converter versus what I bought. i was not happy and the transmission shop owner was not happy. After some back and forth I made the decision to install a Suncoast torque converter. Way more converter than I need for how I use the truck now a days.

Installing the Suncoast has transformed the whole truck. Required with installing the Suncoast is to replace an orfice in the pump I believe. The truck shifts as it always has shifting into 4th and O/D at 40 mph at light throttle. At moderate throttle it shifts to 3rd at 39 mph, then locks the converter at 42 mph, then shifts to 4th at 59 mph and locks the converter at 62 mph really enhancing how the 7.3 moves the truck.

It's hard to describe, the lockup is more solid feeling but smoother less harsh. The whole transmission upshifting and downshifting is consistent, smooth and solid. When I got the truck back with the Recon converter it did not perform like this.

Anyway I wanted to post my experience thinking it might help some one considering replacing there torque converter.

Also, I want to say thanks, I use this site for its wealth of information its members provide.
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