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Upgrading '99 F250 SD xl

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so I have a 99 F250 supercab that my only complaints are lack of AC, PW PL and cruise. I have recently found a 2002 F350 with all of that, is it a huge job to transfer these over?

I was originally thinking of putting my motor and trans into that truck but having looked at it tonight it is a little to rough for that.

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Adding those features from your donor truck is possible, but might be a bit of a hassle, especially considering that Ford completely overhauled the electrical system in 02 models, so the harnesses will probably be different. If your donor was an 01, it would just be swapping parts.

One thing that would be easy to do is the cruise control. Swap out the steering wheel and clock spring and transfer the master cylinder over so you can plug in the pressure switch on the end of the master cylinder (should have the plug already).

The stuff in the doors could be swapped out, but there won't be any wiring from them on your 99.

AC could be done, but again the harnesses will be difficult. The engine harnesses are different between 99-01 and 02-03's.
Ok thanks, I noticed your mirror mods and fog lights, could these be brought over from a 02 and done in the 99 or do you need the 99 to 01 for those also.

When I did mirror mods and fog lights, I built all the wiring myself. Had to run wires into the doors for the mirrors. Needed only a power feed for the mirror motors, and one for the mirror heat to the switch I installed, as well as splicing into the turn signal output at the blinker switch. Only thing factory was the mirrors, control switch, and the connectors I collected from the wrecking yard. Pretty much the same for the fog lights. I used Carling switches for the accessories and relays for fog light control. Those are not all that hard as the wiring is pretty straightforward. I imagine that you could use quite a bit of the harness components (at least connectors and the bulk of the wire). Getting the factory wiring diagrams is critical for those. Not positive, but I think the accessory wiring didn't change that much between 01 and 02 models. The big change was consolidating the underhood fuse box into the underdash fuse/relay box.
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