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Used Engine

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I came across a 93 with unknown miles that had a tree fall on it. The man at the junkyard said it ran fine but was difficult to start and since I was buying a parts truck, for $400 I could have it including delivery. Inspection shows some leaky valve covers and some oil residue in the intake. I have no idea about oil consumption or SCA's. Injectors, returns, and the IP all have gray paint so I guess they are original equipment.

If I take the heads off and determine the cylinders do not need to be bored, what suggestions would you make as to what to replace, recondition, etc. to get this engine in service. My work truck's engine all the sudden has started burning large amounts of oil and needs to be replaced. The IP and glow plug system are relatively new, but the injectors are unknown but seem to be in perfect working order.
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