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Vacuum Leak or Increased Air Flow?

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I own a 2004 F350 Long Bed. This is my first diesel, and I am little concerned about a couple issues that have come up. In the interest of brevity I'll stick to one question at a time. I recently changed my air filter out and replaced it with a new Fram. After I man handeled that rediculous setup of a system that some genious engineer should be slapped silly for I noticed what seems like a vacuum leak coming from somewhere around or under the turbo. I got the new air filter in OK and it seems to be seated correctly. I can't exactly pinpoint the leak and am concerned that I might have knocked something loose in replacing the air filter. The truck seems to run just fine, there is just a very obvious sucking sound. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a loss.
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Don't the 2004 PSDs come with Donaldson air filters? The Donaldson is the best filter out there. Ford has no specific replacement interval for it - use the little guage on the back of the air box to determine when to replace it. I've read that the Donaldson filters can hold POUNDS of dirt and dust before needing replacement.

The filter can be tricky to replace. But, you don't have to replace the Donaldson filter very often. Get an OEM filter for your PSD.

I woudn't put a Fram air or oil filter on a lawn mower!
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