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The little rubber hose on my vacuum pump popped off yesterday... (the little one shown in the picture below... not the main line running to the brakes.

I have no idea how it happened, or when it happened as the truck seemed to drive (and brake) fine the when I was driving it but it was just a short test drive around the block and I din't really push my luck or rely on the brakes all that much. The hose was just sitting on my driveway.

It looks like I can just pop the line back into its seat at both ends... it's not a crimped fitting or anything. But I'm curious if I'll just run into the same issue again down the road. I got lucky in the fact that I found the hose easily, but if I had been on the highway, chances are I wouldn't have found it.

The pump itself is new(ish). I replaced it less than a year ago. Probably 40000km on it so far. Should I buy a whole new pump or just per er together and assume I bumped it loose while working under the hood and that it will stay put this time around?

I was working on my coolant filter set up when I noticed the issue... so it's not like I was working directly on the vacuum pump or anything.

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Get some Permatex black (or blue) gasket maker. That stuff sets up as strong as superglue. Clean the the mating surface and the rubber hose. Put a light bead around the circumference of the hose where it will contact the pump and push it in. In 24 hours, the only way you'll get the hose out is to tear it out.
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