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Valve ticking ???

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Good day folks, Got back this morning from 4 wheelin in North Dakota. My tow rig has devloped a ticking noise similar to valve tick in gas engines. 300 miles down all seemed OK other than mileage. 300 miles home. If I recall correctly my OEM pump gave me 19 mpg (Canadian gallon) unloaded & 14 mpg loaded. Now with new Stad injectors & a DPS pump I'm @ 21 unloaded but only 10 loaded. Now truck has this noise. Swung by diesel shop & they said these engine are known to pound the valves into the head. Is this true? By the way I now have a heating issue under load. Pulling in Montana flat grade @ 800 EGT. Slightest increase will give me 1000. Can run there for a very short time before engine temp begins to rise. Mech temp sensor in drivers head would goto 230 then I would back off the fuel. Running in direct @ 62mph & 2500rpm. Did I cause some problems with the heat? The factory guage only ever got to the "A" in normal before I got off the pedal. THX much.
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The sensor in the head may be giving you a hotter temp just by location. Put a mechanical in the block sensor location and you should have better true indication...You could also use the top of the water pump.........
Valve rockers are non adjustable.....however there may be one worn beyond the hydraulic lifter limits. Remove the rocker assy...check the main post and rocker internal surface for worn excessively. Remember to replace all parts in same location .....push rods copper to the top.
Pulling the engine would be my advise..... it can be checked better once the engine is on a stand and the pan and piston removed. Remember to mark ALL parts for realignment before removal. We/I use a pin punch on the conrod caps to mark alignment if not already there. Those yellow/white mechanics liquid pencils are a godsend.... sure beats crayons.

When you remove the piston oiler ensure the bolt stays with the oiler after removal......they are special...... Locktite on install.

If you need engine R&R info PM me your email addy.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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