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Variable 10k mod = nothing

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Today tried the 10k mod and found it didnt do anything for me. I put a 6.2k inline with a variable 10k resistor, then dialed it into a total of 10k. I then plugged it in and flipped the switch and nothing happed. The idle didnt change, no power difference. I varied the resistance all the way from 6.2 to 16.2 and found no difference at either setting. Removed that bit and installed a straight 4.5k and it didnt seem to do anything either. I figured I would at least get the bad idle everyone talks about. I checked my wires that went into the ipr and each had voltage on them (@12volts) when the key was on. This tells me they were making contact. I am just puzzled by it. Everyone seems to get a noticeable differance but absolutely nota for me. I am sure I put the wires into the right holes on the IPR sensor plug.
Any ideas on the cause or cure.
Many thanks
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I had something like .06 volts on them when I started. Then when nothing was hapening I checked voltage again on the 2 legs and had 12 volts. Thats what I was kind of wondering was a bit off. I had the key on where the glow plugs were warming when I took voltage. Im going to go try it again now in a few minutes.
Thanks for your reply
Ok Im back. Yes I was checking the ICP. Voltage issue solved. Bad battery in meter. Had to get a new 9 volt. It does that to me every once in awhile. I've been stung on that before. So I dont have 12 volts. 5 volts on one leg, .03 volts on another, and I think .03 on the 3rd if I remember right. Anyhow...Should I be feeling something. I dont have a chip yet so that isnt an issue. I sit idling and run it from the 6.2k to the 16.2k and no differance. Then turn the switch off and still no differance.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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