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Hello all,

As the title says, I'm wondering about the possibility of a simple venturi style water/meth injection pump. I've seen setups like this in gas daily drivers for mileage increase. In those setups they use vacuum lines, since gassers have an abundance of vacuum. In my case, I have the red pressure line for the wastegate actuator disconnected and plugged, and I'm wondering if this line could be used to create a venturi effect sufficient for spraying a fine mist into the intake, pre-turbo?

I love the idea of simple machines and harvesting energy already available from the engine to assist in greater efficiency. I'm simply going for cooler egt. A little power boost would be a plus, but not the intended goal.


1) Is there enough pressure and flow from the red wastegate line to create a strong enough venturi?

2) If not, is there enough pressure from the red line to pressurize a simple bottle system, similar to what you would get from a hand pump garden sprayer?

3) Is it OK to inject pre-turbo, or are there detrimental effects to that? I ask simply because I wouldn't think there'd be enough pressure from that line to overcome the pressure on the post turbo intake tunes.

4) Since that red line runs from boost, wouldn't the turbo act as its own controller for the injection, only spraying after boost comes on?

I apologize if this has been discussed for this engine, but I couldn't find anything this simple for our engines. Just an inquiring mind. Thanks for any help you can lend.

This is where I got the idea:
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